Conferinte M&U

ROBUILD 6-th edition, by Masini si Utilaje pentru Constructii
and AG Communication

Looking into the future of intelligent construction machinery! Whats next?

From intelligent construction machinery, to the autonomous ones!

The 20th of October, 2016, CARO Hotel, Bucharest (Floreasca area)

Questions of the hour:

How could we increase the construction machineries and trucks efficiency, reduce the operational costs and use them in the most economical way?

How can we situate ourselves towards the artificial intelligence, on all levels of our lives that are influenced and shaped already?

For a long time we thought that the most computers could do was to perform calculations or play chess better than us. Now we are finding out that computers can drive cars better than us or produce better financial analyses than human analysts. (Lars Thomsen / futurologist)

Event supported by ADUC, ARACO, PSC, APMCR and UTCB – Construction Machinery University.

I. Main ROBuild focus:

  • Intelligent Construction Machinery & Trucks / The latest technologies;
  • Acquisition cost versus Total Cost Ownership (TCO), taking into consideration the integrated existing technology;
  • Rental versus buying in terms of efficiency;
  • Futurologists experts opinion towards intelligent construction machinery of the future and how they will shape our lives;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Autonomous trucks / a reality;
  • Robots and drones used to make site’s work more efficient;.
  • Fleet management for construction machinery & trucks;
  • Internet Of Things (IoS) and how it will influence the future of construction machinery and work sites;

II. About RoBuild:

  •      Area covered - national;
  •      Target audience: contractors, engineering companies, operators, subcontractors, public area (central and local decision factors), associations, leasing, bank, commerce chambers, ambassies, university representatives;
  •      Date: 20 octombrie 2016, 9:30 - 15:00
  •      Adress: Hotel CARO, zona Floreasca - B-dul Barbu Vacarescu, nr. 164, sector 2, Bucuresti.

III. At ROBuild Conferences are usually present:

  •      Construction machinery distributors and producers;
  •      Trucks distributors;
  •      Contractors, subcontractors, engineering companies;
  •      Professional associations;
  •      Public authorities;
  •      Embassies representatives;
  •      Commerce chambers representatives;
  •      Financial companies (leasing, credit, ensurrance);
  •      Conex products and services (oil&gas, tires, spare parts, fleet management, etc);

  • ROBuild Conferences  general overview:
  • Already at the 6-th edition, trough ROBuild Conferences, we go together trough the actual economical complex context, in order that at the end of the day, to be more informed regarding the elements that are the base of our decision making. Only one piece of information received on time can be of enormous value. Attention, selection capacity and being able to take decisions in a fast & prepared way, are most valuable assets of today managers. 
    Accordingly, trough ROBuild Conferences, we wish to present practical solutions for construction market, in order to optimize the communication process between important market players.

    ROBuild Conferences are generating over the years a constructive area for a beneficial communication between participants, with focus on networking, one-to-one meetings, dynamic presentations – which are involving not only the speakers, but also the guests. Our events are bringing to you the last moment news from construction market and connex markets, all in order that at the end of the day to receive a clear Return of Investment.

Event created and organised by AG Communication & Masini si Utilaje pentru Constructii.

Supported by ADUC, ARACO, PSC, UTCB.

For becoming partner of the event, please contact:

Marketing Manager

Maria Nae

+4 0724 550 830

For details and participation, please contact:

PR & Communication Assistant

Oana Patache

+4 728 851 100

*participation for contractors, engineering companies, public authorities is free of charge;

** fee for one person = 69 EUR+VAT;

*** the organizer is providing assistance for acomodation in Bucharest, if needed;



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