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Introduction to MEC and PMV Live

Introduction to MEC and PMV Live
Exhibition Director of PMV Live and MEC, James A. Meltz, talks us through what to expect at the largest shows of their kind in the region. This year, the Middle East Concrete (MEC) and PMV Live shows take place in a specially designated area of The Big 5 and occupy approximately 25% more space than last year, including outdoor space.

The cranes, the lifts, the booms other machinery can be seen from the outside, not only signposting the new location for all to see, but also creating even more buzz around these shows. The advantage of the new floor layout for 2016 is that it helps you to use your time wisely, especially if you do not have enough time to spend the full four days to find all the manufacturers of one particular product category.

Now, you can go to designated product sections of the show and find all the manufacturers that are relevant for you. The exhibitors benefit from this because they will be welcoming more targeted and focused visitors, who know exactly what they want. Most of the European shows also operate in this way, so it is a comfortable, familiar and highly time-efficient layout for you to have the best experience.

An additional benefit of the new floor layout and features was explained by Exhibition Director of PMV Live and MEC, James A. Meltz, who said: "Thousands of visitors have traveled many miles and have only a certain amount of time at the show - so they are very astute about maximising the value from it. A massive advantage for visitors is that they can visit the section they need over a few hours and then use their time to attend the CPD-certified workshops, seminars and conferences to get up to speed with the latest in industry developments, technologies, methodologies, materials and legislation."

Meltz went on to explain that this year sees the strongest MEC/ PMV professional development programme ever staged in the region, with many of the speakers at the conferences and workshops coming from around the world specifically to provide the best global-perspective education. "So overall, visitors can now be more strategic than ever before and receive a huge ROI on their time."


Asked about the special features at this year's show, Meltz said: "When we include special features at the show, we don't just repeat what has been done before - we are very much in tune with the industry, so upgrade it in line with the most current of ingenuity out there." Al Mahroos is providing front end loaders and there will be different fun challenges for visitors.

One is to use the front end loaders to knock down dominoes and the other is to move a huge container of water without spilling it. Put yourself to the test!" Meltz added: "UAE-based DigiRobotics is conducting compelling demonstrations using a robot to engrave concrete; we have 'Selfies at Height' staged by Rapid Access, with a lift that takes you 27 metres into the air - you can take a selfie with the machinery and exhibition below you. We’re also going to dedicate an entire zone to deco concrete - there'll be a demonstration outside of how the newest technologies come into play to stain concrete. There are a lot of new activities here and it is an exciting environment for visitors, as exhibitors are really putting their best foot forward."

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